teisipäev, 7. mai 2013

To My Worldwide Readers

Dear all, I can see that you are out there and some of you are even returning. It is very nice and well appreciated. When I first started my blog I had a deep thoughts, how it all should be set up and organized. I was pretty sure that it would be more photos and fewer words. Like the saying goes - one photo can tell a thousand words. However, I have learned that some words between the pics are important too! Photos might show what I see and how I see, but words can describe what I feel and think. And it is also a part of me.

I had admired blogs from Estonia and around the Globe for about a year before creating my own. So of course there was a big influence and many beautiful examples filling me with ideas. It was very interesting to see what other gardeners are growing and how they present it in blogs. Also, what's in bloom in our gardens and at the same time abroad? Like in my post from May 1st, where I pointed out that English Galanthophiles can only dream about having snowdrops in May! But for us in this spring it was reality.

So I started off, in Estonian. And there's where our little problem lays.  Google provides us a translator tool and I've added it to my blog as well, but let's face it, the translation is pretty lame and usually makes no sense at all. What a shame! I'm not happy with it at all. So which leads me to big question: what should I do really? I can't ignore my majority audience, fellow Estonians (thanks to Muhedik) but would also be understandable to visitors from US, Germany, England, Finland and so on.

So I've come to an idea to have at least a little synopsis in English at the end of each post. My grammar is not the best but I can still do better than Google Translate! So what do you think? Is it anticipated?

And for a little treat, a thousand words in just one photograph - my species tulip bed in this Monday. 
Spring bulb border
Spring bulbs border with species tulips

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  1. Küll need liigid ikka on ilusad!

    1. Minu meelest kaa! See on tegelikult kummaline, kuidas maitsed muutuvad. Ilmselt mõni aeg varem ma ei oleks osanud neid väikesi tegelasi märgatagi. Aga ülemöödunud sügisel said esimesed liigid mulda ja eelmisel täiendasin kollektsiooni juba oluliselt. Rõõmu nüüd nendest kui palju!